The Video 'Rental' Experience

Would you look at that. Beautiful, isn't she? This was one of the many video rental stores we had scattered around the area where I grew up. There used to be a video store at every corner of my life it felt like. They honestly, were a really big part of my life. Movies were the way I expressed myself, related to other people and learnt social ques. I get so depressed about the fact that I can't go to a video store..(there are none in my area. Not. A. Single. One.) I take it real personal when one shuts down. They are institutions to me, My local video store was where I started to slowly build up my social skills and chat to people that had similar interest. I could easily spend more time then needed browsing the weekly rentals section of the store, looking up at the tv monitors and watching ads for all the new releases coming out, chatting to the staff and staring at the overpriced popcorn and candy and wondering if I'd be lazy enough that day to pay extra, when I could just go down to the supermarket and get the items I wanted for a few dollars cheaper..I was always lazy. Now when I visit my parents, there is only one store left near their house...and technically that did get shut down. However, two employees from said store bought the inventory after it closed and opened they're own store independent of any company or chain (right next door to the old store mind you..classic!). I loved getting recommended movies from the store clerks or even just talking about the movies we had watched that week. I miss that.

Hence the propose for this page. I've always wanted to share my tastes and opinions about movies with people and I thought that doing it this way could be fun. I want to try and recreate that feeling here on this page. For myself and anyone who misses the video rental experience. Of course, there is actually nothing to "rent" here but I will be acting as the store clerk and giving my recommendation for movies I think (you) everyone should watch.



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